Ubisoft: "The Rainbow Six Single-Player Experience Is Dead"

Will we ever see another single-player Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six game? Probably not. It appears the massive success of Rainbow Six Siege has cemented the franchise as multiplayer-focused going forward. According to Rainbow Six Brand Director, Alexandre Remy, "the Rainbow Six solo/single-player experience is dead." Now, does Remy mean "dead" for the foreseeable future or forever? Surely the former. If Bubsy didn't stay dead forever, the single-player Rainbow Six experience has a good chance of returning. That said, what this does reveal is that Ubisoft clearly doesn't have a single-player Rainbow Six experience on its mind.

"No, no, no. The Rainbow Six solo/singleplayer experience is dead," said Remy when asked about single-player by Daily Star. "For Siege, forget about a solo campaign. We want this game to be a pure competitive multiplayer experience. All of our resources are going in that direction and to invest those resources elsewhere would be a digression."

Remy continued:

"When you have a game that requires so much support, and so much caring in patching and balancing, I don't think you have the luxury to divert. Our fans expect a certain level of quality and a mastery in our games that is extremely high. Why would you only make an OK-ish solo campaign?"

While a single-player Rainbow Six experience from the Siege team seems off the table, Ubisoft has a lot of studios, which is to say, perhaps it could pass such a game off to another studio. It's unlikely -- for multiple reasons -- but it's possible.

As you may know, Rainbow Six has a long history of single-player experiences that dates all the way back to 1996. In other words, if it's truly just a multiplayer experience going forward, there's going to be a lot of gamers disappointed.

In other recent and related news, Remy also more or less confirmed the game is coming to the PS5 and next Xbox. Further, that he and his team currently don't have any intentions to split the large player base Siege has with a sequel.


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