Rampage Returning To Arcades, But Not In the Way You'd Expect


Back in the 80's, Rampage was a hit arcade game for Midway, letting players take control of three different monsters as they trash their way through numerous cities. And next month, we'll be seeing a big-screen adaptation of the game with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Rampage.

On that note, just like clockwork, Rampage will be making its way back to arcades – but not in the way that you may expect.

As it previously did with its Tomb Raider promotion earlier this month, Dave and Buster's will soon be showcasing an arcade game based on the movie Rampage. But this may not be like the old version.

According to details from Arcade Heroes, the new Rampage game will be more like a redemption game, where up to three players will be able to move a joystick and tap buttons like crazy in the hopes of winning tickets to purchase prizes. There is a chance it could play like the older games, where the more you trash, the more tickets you'll collect, but that's not confirmed just yet. You can check out the first cabinet picture below, though it's a bit on the undetailed side.

Rampage 2
(Photo: Arcade Heroes)

There are only a few details about the game thus far, and there's not even word if it will be available outside of Dave and Buster's like the Injustice Arcade and Tomb Raider will eventually become. But the entertainment chain should announce further details about the game soon enough, especially considering that the film will open on April 13.

Still, this feels like a missed opportunity. Warner Bros., who holds the rights to the Rampage game, could've easily used the film to launch an older version of the game for consoles, or maybe even Rampage World Tour, which saw a PlayStation 3 release many years ago. For that matter, there also could've been an anniversary-style arcade cabinet housing both games for players to enjoy, with compatibility for up to three players.

There's still a chance we could see this down the road, but, for now, it looks like only the current arcade version is coming. For some fans, it may be enough.



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