'Red Dead Online' Gold Bars Are Super Cheap With This One-Time Special Offer

Gold Bars are vital to the Red Dead Online experience. Since much of the game is about maintaining [...]

Gold Bars are vital to the Red Dead Online experience. Since much of the game is about maintaining one's resources, having a good amount of gold bars is almost a requirement for Red Dead Redemption 2. One gripe many had was that 8 hours of game time equated to one measly bar, but now it looks like this brand of currency is available to purchase with real-world cash.

To ring in the new feature, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are hosting a limited-time deal where players can buy 25 Gold Bars for a small $4.99 payment. After the promotion is over, the price will jump back up to the original $9.99.

Some players are citing Grand Theft Auto Online's trend, noting that over the years Rockstar has steadily increased their prices on vehicles and add-ons. Some are worried that the same practice will happen with Red Dead Online, though it is important to note that the two games handle their online modes in very different ways. "We make money like it's 1899 and everything is priced like its 2018," one Reddit user mentioned. "Jesus Christ, if I wanted to deal with a shitty wage/cost-of-living ratio then I'd walk out my f*cking front door."


Another mentioned on the game's forums, "I feel like there is too much of a deficit in terms of the periodic draining of player money compared to the amount of money you earn from activities such as strangers, hunting and looting. The utility and camp costs early game can be quite unforgiving and punishing to those who want to take in the world and explore, hunt, forage and engage in the more environmental features of the game world.

"In shorter words, you kind of lose more than you gain, unless you are constantly participating in activities, so if you are traveling long distance, be prepared to watch chunks of your earnings disappear to camp funds (which are relatively cheap but stack on top of everything else) and especially stable utility costs, which are often more expensive than mission payouts. These stable utility costs, to my knowledge are 7$ per horse and are deducted every day/night cycle in addition to any other utility fees. That's a lot of money at the start of the game."

At the time of many of these complaints, we didn't know the price point for the different packages available. After seeing some of the Gold Bar deals above, do you think this is a fair way to offer a shortcut, or do you agree that it could potentially take the GTA Online route? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy.