Major Red Dead Online Map Change Possibly Revealed

It looks like Rockstar Games is getting ready to make a big change to the map of Red Dead Online. More specifically, ahead of the holiday season and ahead of the heart of winter, it appears Rockstar Games is getting ready the final preparations to add snow to the map of the open-world western. But it doesn't look like just a little bit more snow is coming to the game, rather it appears that the entire map, or most of it, is about to be covered in fresh powder. Meanwhile, other parts will presumably actively snow during this time.

Word of a snow map comes way of new files recently add to the game's PC version, which add strings for "world_snow_coverage_xmas" into the files. As you can see, the files specifically mention Christmas, which suggests we won't see any of this new snow until closer to Christmas. Further, it will probably only last for a very limited time, or at least that was the case when snow came to GTA Online.

Again, it's unclear if the entire map will be covered in snow or just certain parts where it makes sense for there to be snow. Further, it's unclear what kinda snow effects will come with this. That said, I'm sure Rockstar Games will add some content to accompany this limited time event, assuming it happens in the first place.

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At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of when the game's next big update will arrive -- probably not until 2020 -- but it looks like players will at least get a little somethin' somethin' for Christmas and the holiday season this year.