Red Dead Online's Big Specialist Role Update Releases Next Week

Red Dead Redemption 2
(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Red Dead Online players will soon get to take on specific jobs in Red Dead redemption 2’s online world when the next big update releases on September 10th. This update will add “Frontier Pursuits” which were previously revealed to be specific professions players take up, each with their own unique tasks and incentives for mastering them. Three Frontier Pursuits will be added to start with, but more are planned for future Red Dead Online updates.

Rockstar Games previewed the release of these jobs at the start of August and simply referred to them as “specialist roles” at the time. The Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector were the three jobs announce then, and they’re the same three that’ll be added in the September 10th update. By completing activities that correspond to these roles – activities you’d expect each profession to be drawn to like hunting down targets as the Bounty Hunter and gathering valuables as the Collector – you’ll earn Role XP and progress through ranks.

As a player unlocks different ranks, they’ll accumulate Role Tokens that can be used to purchase kits of items unique to those roles. Certain ranks will also unlock skills on their own and give players avenues to take on specific Free Roam events.

“Unlocking a Role Rank earns Role Tokens and at certain ranks you’ll also unlock new skills, such as the Bounty Hunter ability to duck for protection on horseback or a Trader’s ability to train their camp dog to warn of a camp raid by thieves; upgrades to your satchel’s carrying capacity; or access to new Role specific Free Roam events,” Rockstar Games’ post about the new roles read. “Each tier also has a kit of items that are unique to the Role and can be unlocked for purchase using Role Tokens.”

To see a better breakdown of what each role is capable of, Rockstar’s post about its plans for the update lists items and abilities each profession will utilize.

While the three roles themselves will be the main draw of the update, they’re also coming with an accompaniment of features and activities that go along with them.


“These include new Role Free Roam Events that are unlocked as you progress through each Role; additional Stable slots; improved selling prices of Jewelry across the board; lootable containers in ambient wagons; more custom outfit slots and the ability to name saved Outfits in your wardrobe; weapons rebalancing to reduce reliance on headshots as the primary kill method in PvP and much, much more,” Rockstar said.

Red Dead Online’s Frontier Pursuits update releases on September 10th.