Red Dead Redemption 2 Player Pulls Off Insane and Brutal 3-for-1 Bow Kill

red dead redemption 2
(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One has some of the most satisfying kills I've ever experienced, especially when you activate its kill cam and it's an O'Driscoll you're smoking in it. And while I love using my custom white revolvers, there's no weapon I enjoy using more than the good ol' bow, which can create for some of the game's more grisly-looking kills. And in the open-world western there's nothing better than a 2-for-1 shot. Actually, I take that back, there is: it's called a 3-for-1 shot. Now, while I've gotten a few 2-for-1 shots while playing the game, I've never landed a 3-for-1 shot. But apparently that's because I'm a cowpoke, because it's possible.

Recently over on Reddit, one player shared a clip of the 3-for-1 kill they landed while held up in a store that looks halfway through a robbery gone completely wrong. In it, you can see a few guards dead already before three more in a line storm through the door. Unfortunately for them, the player had their bow in hand and some Dead Eye ready.

3 for 1 from r/reddeadredemption

As you can see, it's the kill cam that really makes the shot so impressive and brutal. It also raises the question: what kinda arrows were they using back then? To go cleanly through one body is a bit lucky, but three? That's insane. Clearly they don't make arrows and bows like they used to.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for PS4 and Xbox One. At the moment of publishing, there's been no official word of a PC port, however, it has leaked multiple times, suggesting it's in the pipeline, and, at this point, probably coming pretty soon. Further, there's a good chance the game will be re-released on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett when the next-gen consoles arrive.

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