Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Update Slammed For "Removed Content"

The new Red Dead Online update is being slammed by Red Dead Redemption 2 fans for "removing content" from the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia game. As it does every week, Rockstar Games has released a new content update for Red Dead Online. Like most weeks, this week's content update isn't brimming with new content or major improvements to the game, but it refreshes and recycles some content in what is presumably a pursuit to keep the game fresh and players satisfied. If this is the pursuit, it doesn't seem to be working.

Among other things, the update -- which you can read about here -- tweaks the game so that Blackwater is the only settlement that needs your assistance in Call to Arms. This will remain the case through October 7 and until October 8, when Blackwater will be replaced with MacFarlane's Ranch, which will require the help of players until October 11. As you would expect, for your troubles there will be a "healthy bonus of 50% extra RDO$ and XP."

"Local populaces are outnumbered and outgunned by bandits laying siege to towns and ranches on the prairie. Simply put: the people of Blackwater and MacFarlane's Ranch need your help," writes Rockstar Games of the content.

So, what's the problem? Well, some players view the restriction to Blackwater in Call to Arms as "removed content." Now, "removed content" may not be the best description of what's going on, but there is less Call to Arms content with the update.

"What is the point of removing Call To Arms maps," said one player in response to the update. "Then you have content to the game, and then you remove it again. Why can't we play Valentine if we like?" Another player added in response, "What the f**k are they doing?! There is literally no point in that and it doesn't even make a lick of f*****g sense."


At the moment of publishing, Rockstar Games has yet to respond to any of the negative feedback it's received on the update. We don't expect this to change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.