Red Dead Redemption No Longer Playable on Modern PlayStation Consoles

Red Dead Redemption is no longer available on modern PlayStation consoles, much to the dismay of fans. Rockstar Games is responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed and financially successful games ever made, including Red Dead Redemption. The 2010 western had a familiar formula for Rockstar Games fans, often being referred to as Grand Theft Auto with cowboys, but it took many leaps forward with its storytelling. The writing was top notch and it featured a truly remarkable protagonist with a complex history that players felt deeply connected to. Eight years after it was released, Rockstar Games made an even better prequel with fleshed out the backstory of John Marston and added new characters like Arthur Morgan. For those that start with Red Dead Redemption 2, they don't actually get the full story until they play the first game.

Sadly, it is becoming increasingly harder to play the Red Dead Redemption. The game has been available on PlayStation Now years, but it has been removed from the service. Now, the only way to play the game on current hardware is on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. There is no PC version, there is no PS4 or PS5 remaster, meaning PlayStation fans would have to bust out a PS3 or emulate the game if they wanted to play it. As of right now, it's unclear if Red Dead Redemption will return to PS4 or PS5 in any capacity in the future. 

There were rumors of a remaster at one point, though it has been reported that the remaster has been canceled following the reception of the GTA trilogy and Rockstar's decision to focus on Grand Theft Auto VI. Perhaps once Rockstar puts out GTA 6, we can get a remake or remaster of Red Dead Redemption. Either way, it seems like any new version of the game is years away from happening, if it happens at all. 

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