Rule Westoros Next Month When Reigns: Game of Thrones Releases

If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you've probably spent innumerable hours thinking about how you would rule Westoros if you ascended to the Iron Throne. Well, soon you will finally have the chance to find out if you're king/queen material when Reigns: Game of Thrones releases next month.

Developer Nerial and publisher Devolver Digital have announced that they have teamed up with HBO to release the newest entry in the former's Reigns series, Reigns: Game of Thrones, sometime next month on PC and mobile devices.

Like Nerial's previous games – Reigns and Reigns: her MajestyReigns: Game of Thrones puts you in control as ruler and charges you with running the kingdom. However, this time, rather than playing as random kings and queens, you will play as a variety of Game of Thrones characters and rule Westoros.

For those unfamiliar to the Reigns formula, it's a simplified, yet addicting, strategy meets simulation meets management series that functions like Tinder. As ruler, you are given countless choices during your reign, and you respond to said choices with two solutions, which are represented with either swiping left or right. Depending on your choices, the game will play out differently. You can die very quickly and pass on your authority to a heir or prosper and live out a long reign.

In a single game, you will come across hundreds of decisions to make, problems to solve, etc. Combining all of these elements almost gives the series a puzzle-solving feel, and offers a ton of replayability.


In Reigns: Game of Thrones you can rule as Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Cersei Lannister, and others, and in the process decide the future of the show's cast of characters. As you would expect, the game isn't attached to the cannon at all.

Reigns: Game of Thrones will cost $4 when it releases next month on PC, iOS, and Android devices. At the moment, there is no word of a Nintendo Switch release. Further, when exactly in October it will arrive, hasn't been disclosed, but given we are already in September, we should know soon.