Replicade Launches New Kickstarter For Its Mini Tempest Arcade Game, And It’s Already Setting Records

Tempest Atari 2

Last year, we told you about a company called Replicade, which is currently developing miniature arcade games based on the real deal, but at a much smaller size. Its original Kickstarter campaign to remake the Atari classic Centipede was a triumph, as that game is set to release in April. But now it's shifted attention to what's coming next – Tempest!

That Atari release originally came out in the early 80's, forcing players to move around the outer edges of a grid, shooting downward at enemies that were coming up to attack it. The game has been a classic for years, and now you have the opportunity to purchase your own miniature arcade unit.

Replicade launched the Kickstarter campaign just hours ago, with 19 days still left to go on it, but it's already setting records. The team set an initial goal of $20,000 to get the unit produced, and it's nearly four times that now, sitting at just over $76,000 at the time of report.

The video for the Tempest game can be found here, and gives you an idea of what you can expect from this 12" tall machine. It does look like it might be a little tricky to play with its tiny knob controller, but the fact that it'll pretty much be arcade perfect has us intrigued. Plus, it would look pretty bad-ass sitting on our work desk.

Tempest Atari

"Our RepliCade x Tempest machine is constructed of wood and metal and features a custom-made Modular Spinner Knob controller with two interchangeable size options: 1/6 scale for show and a larger knob for better control during play modes. Accurately reproduced FIRE and SUPER ZAPPER buttons feature modern gamepad quality," the team noted on its Kickstarter page.


The game is expected to go into production in 2018, and backers that wish to get their hands on a unit can plunk down $90 to guarantee theirs first off of the assembly line, right here at the Kickstarter page. There are other tiers available as well, including ones that offer multiple units, in case you want to keep one mint in box. (You know, for collector's purposes.)

You've still got 19 days to contribute and get a machine of your own, so get in on the action! And if you want to learn more about Replicade, check out our interview with the team here!