Report: PlayStation 4 Could See A Permanent Price Drop Next Week

UPDATE: It looks like the price drop may already be taking effect. Walmart, Target and Amazon [...]


UPDATE: It looks like the price drop may already be taking effect. Walmart, Target and Amazon have systems marked down to around the $260-$270 price point, so something could be permanent soon enough.

Sony does a pretty good job when it comes to PS4 sales, but things really take off when there's some kind of price drop, like the one we saw earlier this year that brought the system down to $249.99 for a limited time – and with a gold model, no less. Now, we could be seeing another price drop on the horizon, though not as much this time around.

A Target ad that is set to run from August 13th through the 19th has the PlayStation 4 Slim console packaged in with Uncharted 4 clocking it at $269.99, $30 off its usual price tag, according to this ad from The Couponing Couple. However, if you visit right now, you'll notice that the console is already priced at $269.99.

What's interesting about this ad, though, is that it notes that the system is at a "new lower price," instead of simply being listed as being on sale. If this is the case, then Sony could have a major announcement for us at the beginning of next week. The company hasn't said anything just yet, but it's made surprise announcements like this before.

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(Photo: The Couponing Couple)

The company's stock surged pretty well when the system went on sale last time, shuffling millions of units out the door and adding to its tally of over 60 million units sold worldwide. And this is with its own advanced hardware, the PlayStation 4 Pro on the market.

It's too soon to tell if this is just going to affect the PlayStation 4, or if the Pro could see a potential price drop as well. It'd certainly do Sony a lot of good, providing a bit of an advantage over the $499 Xbox One X that's set to hit retail on November 7th. Offering a PS4 Pro for $349 – or maybe even $299 – would give people a better idea of just how valuable it is.

On top of that, the ad also notes that they'll have several Nintendo Switch units in stock for the week, though that can vary by location. Obviously they're going to sell out fast.

We'll let you know once Sony drops official word. But hey, they're dominating the game industry right now, so why not stretch out that lead with a price drop?