Report: Spotify Could Soon Be Playing On Xbox


Having an alternate music service for a game system can be the best thing in the world. For instance, PlayStation Music over on PlayStation 4 lets you blare your favorite tunes no matter what you’re playing. So if you feel like playing Billy Squier over the usual soundtrack for Street Fighter V, hey, you can.

Now it appears that the music service could be making its way to another system. Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb has reportedly been using a Spotify app on the Xbox console, based upon a nimble-eyed Twitter user who posted a pic of Nelson’s Xbox GamerTag with the app clearly highlighted.


This would make sense, since the Spotify-powered PlayStation Music service has been making the rounds for a couple of years now, much to the satisfaction of its millions of users. And Spotify is still a popular service off of game consoles too, with millions of fans using apps and online players to enjoy their favorite tunes, both as subscribers and non-subscribers. (The service has options for each, so everyone can enjoy it nevertheless.) It was also previously made available across the App Store, Google Play, Amazon’s App Store and Windows Store.

Hyrb hasn’t said a word about the possibility of such an app yet, and none of the Xbox team have said anything either. But considering that the Xbox One could be getting a pretty good sized update soon, it wouldn’t surprise us if the app was officially introduced with it, enabling users to enjoy their favorite tunes with ease. We’ll let you know as soon as Microsoft says something, but, for now, you’ll have to use its own music service if you want to blare your own tunes.


It would be nice to have Spotify as a secondary option for listening to music, and it’d probably do a world of good for those streaming on Twitch and Mixer as well, giving their channels a little bit of personality. So hopefully Microsoft will introduce it sooner rather than later, so we can jam out while playing our favorite games.

In the meantime, feel free to hunt down video game music channels on the service. It’s way too much fun.