Report: Telltale Games Might Be Working On New Borderlands And James Bond Games

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo just over a week away, we’re excited to see what a lot of [...]


With the Electronic Entertainment Expo just over a week away, we're excited to see what a lot of companies will be offering on the show floor. Amongst them is Telltale Games, who will have a big floor space in the Concourse Hall at the event, which indicates that it has some sort of big presentation in mind.

We reported earlier today that the company may very well be hard at work on a new season of the best-selling Minecraft Story Mode, which performed quite well amidst the hardcore Minecraft gaming community. But two more projects may have just appeared on the radar, and they're based on some pretty big franchises.

A Twitter user by the name of @AnEvilHag has posted a pair of images that point at potential new projects for the team. The first is the return of Tales From the Borderlands, which was a big hit with the Telltale and Gearbox communities alike (and for good reason), but the other points at the first new James Bond game in years, under the code name Solstice 007, with the all-too-familiar logo for the super spy.

Now, these are by no means confirmed titles. While the images do look legitimate, keep in mind they were posted on the account of a "hyper realistic graphite artist," so they could very well be made up. Still, if Telltale were to announce these two projects – along with that hinted-at Minecraft Story Mode second season – it would have a loaded plate at E3, giving fans a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Currently, all that Telltale is working on at the moment is its first season of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, with the second episode set to arrive this Tuesday and the other subsequent episodes arriving over the next few months. There's no word on any other projects right now, so it seems like just the right time to introduce something new – especially a fan favorite that we can get behind.

Plus, considering the storytelling bravado of Telltale, a new Bond game done in their style would be rather cool.

We'll see what the team announces at E3!