Free 'Resident Evil 2' Update Will Add Three New DLC Stories

New DLC stories have already been announced for Resident Evil 2 with “The Ghost Survivors” [...]

New DLC stories have already been announced for Resident Evil 2 with "The Ghost Survivors" releasing on February 15th to explore the stories of three Raccoon City inhabitants.

Releasing as a free update in a few weeks, The Ghost Survivors will feature three different characters: The gun shop owner, the mayor's daughter, and the soldier, each of them being characters who didn't make it out of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 2 players may have already completed the game by playing as Leon and Claire, but these three DLC characters appear to be expanding the playable character roster even further.

Each of the characters will star in their own story with all three of the episodes releasing as part of the February 15th update. "No Time to Mourn" will feature the gun shop owner, "Runaway" will follow the story of the mayor's daughter, and the soldier will star in "Forgotten Soldier." The official Resident Evil Twitter account teased the released of the DLC with the tweet below which showed off what the three characters would look like.

The DLC will be added as part of a free update, but Capcom has not confirmed at this time what else will be included in the update aside from the DLC stories.

Resident Evil 2 players have been tearing through the different possible playthroughs since the game released last week, so the update should come at the perfect time to add more content as players exhaust their options. Leon and Claire are the two main characters players can finish the game's main stories with, but like these upcoming DLC characters, they aren't the only ones available to play as. Hunk and Tofu are also back in Resident Evil 2, though you'll have to beat the game a few times to unlock them first.

Adding free content to the game so soon after its release will only make Resident Evil fans like the game even more, though it's clearly not having a hard time winning people over seeing how it topped UK charts after it released. If you're still on the fence about purchasing it, you can read our full review here to help you make a decision.