'Resident Evil 2' Mod Replaces Mr. X With Jason Voorhees

The Resident Evil 2 remake has been out since earlier this year, but players are still returning to Raccoon City to take on the likes of Mr. X and the seemingly endless amount of undead enemies. That said, one of the aspects that keeps players coming back for more is the mods that some creative people come up with. An overwhelming amount of these creations revolve around Mr. X, who just doesn't know how to quit you. The latest mod, however, turns the unstoppable baddie into, well... another unstoppable baddie: Jason Voorhees.

Most of you may know Jason as the big baddie from the Friday The 13th movie franchise, where he loves terrorizing anyone willing to get near him. Well, it looks like Jason has taken a break from his normal settings to venture out into other parts of the world. Unfortunately, he landed in Raccoon City and decided to give Mr. X a break from his duties of antagonizing Leon and Claire.

The Jason Voorhees mod for Resident Evil 2 was created by George over on the Resident Evil Modding Forum. The character is actually based on the design from Tom Savini that was used in Friday the 13th: The Game. It doesn't feature any of the sounds or music associated with the infamous killer, but as can be seen in the video above, it's a job well done nonetheless.

Resident Evil 2 has received a plethora of mods replacing Mr. X with someone or something over the past few months, which you can read all about in our previous coverage. To experience the game for yourself, it is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

For more on Resident Evil 2, here's a snippet from our official review:

"Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror experience in its truest sense. From a constantly teased false sense of security, to horrifying instances that go far beyond a simple jump scare, this remake is one that every fan of the original needs to play. For those that aren't familiar with the Resident Evil franchise in its humble beginnings, it's still a treat, albeit imperfect, and one that requires no previous knowledge of the other games.

"From its challenging story from start to finish, to the incredible character development and increasing level of intrigue and desire to know more, Capcom mostly nailed bringing this beloved title into 2019, and it's an experience every horror fan needs to have for themselves."

What do you think about this? Are you excited to be chased around by Jason Voorhees in Resident Evil 2? Which of the mods that focuses on Mr. X has been your favorite so far? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!


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