Resident Evil 4 to Get New Update to Fix Annoying PS5 Bug

Capcom has promised that it will soon look to push out an update for the recently-released remake of Resident Evil 4 that will fix a lingering problem on PlayStation 5 consoles. By all accounts, Capcom's latest version of RE4 has been met with widespread adoration from both critics and fans. Despite being an early front-runner for 2023's Game of the Year, though, those playing the game on PS5 have been complaining of a troublesome error that involves flickering lights. Luckily, Capcom is already aware of the bug and is working on a solution. 

In a recently shared post on the official Resident Evil Twitter account, Capcom made clear that it knows the PS5 version of Resident Evil 4 is dealing with this flickering problem. While promising to outright fix the error with an upcoming patch, Capcom also informed fans of a current workaround that should eliminate the flickering. In short, players were told to set "Depth of Field" to Off in the game's settings menu while also turning "Motion Blur" to On. After saving and rebooting Resident Evil 4 once these changes are made, Capcom believes that this should ease the matter for the time being. 

"We're aware of an issue where players may experience flickering lights at the bottom of the screen when playing the PS5 version of Resident Evil 4," Capcom said in its statement on social media while providing ways to circumvent the problem. "We intend to fix the issue in a future update and apologize for any inconvenience!"

Although it's frustrating to see that Resident Evil 4 has launched with this problem on PS5, it's good to see that Capcom has been so quick to address its presence. Hopefully, a new patch should arrive for those on PS5 in the coming days that ends up resolving this matter permanently. 

Have you been playing Resident Evil 4 for yourself since it released just a few days back? And if you've been playing on PS5, have you experienced this issue in question? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12