Resident Evil 4 Fans Think Capcom is Teasing a Remake When It's Really Not

Fans of Resident Evil have been losing their minds on social media for the better part of the last day after it looked like Capcom may have been teasing that a remake of Resident Evil 4 could be in the works. However, the tease in question doesn’t seem to have anything to do with RE4 specifically and is instead just a way in which Capcom has been counting down the days until this week’s Resident Evil Showcase event.

Over on Twitter recently, the official Resident Evil account tweeted out a brief video showing off the inventory screen from Resident Evil 4. The video and its accompanying caption didn’t tease anything specific about a remake of the beloved entry, but that didn’t prevent fans in the replies to the tweet to begin losing their minds at the prospect. For many, this tweet on its own seemed to indicate that Capcom could look to reveal a remake of Resident Evil 4 later this week, although that doesn’t seem to actually be what’s happening here.

Instead, Capcom has just chosen to spend the days leading up to the Resident Evil Showcase by showing off the inventory screen from each mainline RE game. The trend began last week when the first of these teasers began with a video from the original Resident Evil. It then continued each day after with accompanying clips from Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and then eventually this tweet attached above from Resident Evil 4. It’s assumed that this pattern will continue leading up to Thursday’s showcase with more teasers featuring videos from Resident Evil 6 and 7.

So if you’re one of the many who thought that a Resident Evil 4 remake was being indicated by this tweet, well, you might want to check your expectations. That being said, just because this message isn’t teasing what some thought it was doesn’t mean that a remake of RE4 isn’t happening altogether. Previous rumors and reports have claimed that Capcom is indeed working on this new iteration of RE4, but everything we’ve heard about it so far indicates that it could still be far out from release. As such, I wouldn’t expect an announcement to come any time soon, let alone this week.


Then again, I’d absolutely love to be wrong about this. Capcom has said that it will have far more to show off related to Resident Evil at this week’s event other than just new gameplay from Village. Maybe something related to RE4 will pop up after all.

No matter what happens, we'll have all the latest news for you from the Resident Evil Showcase here on once the event takes place on January 21st.