Resident Evil 7 Previews Not a Hero and End of Zoe DLC With New Trailer

A new trailer recently released for Resident Evil 7 shows off Chris Redfield’s firepower-fueled zombie beatdown while also previewing what’s to come of Zoe Baker in two upcoming expansions.

The Not a Hero DLC content is one that’s been teased in the past and brings the iconic Resident Evil character of Chris Redfield into the game, an update that’s completely free to those who own RE7. The fan-favorite character returns to pick up where Ethan Winters, the protagonist of the game, left off as Redfield searches for Lucas Baker, the deranged son of the Baker family. Redfield has to take to the perilous mines in order to track down the Baker son, but unlike the protagonist, he’s bringing quite a bit of firepower with him.

From this trailer and the ones shown previously, Redfield has an arsenal of weapons with him fitting of a top BSAA agent. With new weapons and the returning execution attacks when within melee range, the action will be much more fast-pace with Redfield, but expect the enemies to scale with his firepower accordingly.

Aside from the Not a Hero content, the trailer also previews the upcoming End of Zoe DLC, an expansion that follows the story of Zoe Baker. As the trailer reminds viewers who might not remember the character, Zoe was a member of the Baker family who desperately wanted to get out. After being left behind at the Baker estate, there was not much else known about the fate of Zoe, but this DLC looks to explore that cliffhanger.


After collapsing in the woods surrounding the Baker house, a woodsman named Joe stumbles upon Zoe. Joe lives nearby alongside the marshes, but the way that he refers to Zoe as a family member in the trailer indicates that there’s something more to the story that needs exploring.

Both the Not a Hero DLC and the End of Zoe content release on Dec. 12 alongside the Gold Edition of RE7. Not a Hero will be free for everyone, but End of Zoe will be priced at $14.99, unless you’re a season pass owner in which case you’ll receive it through a free update.