Rumored Resident Evil Game for Nintendo Switch May No Longer Be in Development

A previously rumored Resident Evil game for the Nintendo Switch may no longer be in development at Capcom. Over the past year, Capcom has largely focused on releasing and promoting Resident Evil Village, which is the eighth mainline installment in the survival-horror franchise. However, rumors swirled over this same period of time suggesting that Capcom could also be working on a new Resident Evil title that would solely be for Nintendo Switch. And while those rumors never resulted in an actual announcement from Capcom, it now seems like we might know why. 

According to a video game insider that goes by the name Nate the Hate, the supposed Resident Evil title for Nintendo Switch that was thought to be in development was that of Resident Evil: Revelations 3. Previously, the Revelations series was one that had ties to Nintendo, with the original installment in the spin-off franchise first coming to Nintendo 3DS. While Revelations 3 was rumored to be in development, though, Nate the Hate has now indicated that this might not be the case any longer. 

The reason for this belief, according to Nate, is because the process of obtaining any insider information or scoops associated with this Resident Evil game for Nintendo Switch has been quite difficult. According to the longtime insider, typically, when it's hard to find these details, it could mean that said game might not be happening any longer. "When a project is this difficult to come by any information on, it kind of makes you wonder whether the project has been shelved or plans with it have shifted in some way," he explained. "But I would love for Resident Evil to be on Switch with an original game."

It's worth stressing that any hope to see a new Resident Evil game on Switch shouldn't be dashed as a whole. Although the lack of new rumors for Revelations 3 might spell bad news for the title, there's also just a chance that Capcom could really be playing its cards close to the chest. As such, perhaps 2022 will end up bringing with it a formal announcement for this long-desired game. 

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