Resident Evil Resistance Roadmap Teases New Map and More

Resident Evil Resistance is getting some new content throughout the next two months in the form of more skins and other cosmetics as well as a “remixed” map called “Uptown.” That map and more content that hasn’t been announced yet will be available in August with more updates planned afterwards for September, though Capcom hasn’t shared information about what to expect from those updates yet. These latest previews of what’s to come were shared as part of the game’s most recent roadmap update that set expectations for the previous months that added things like Jill Valentine and Nicholai Ginovaef as playable characters.

Capcom’s updated Resident Evil Resistance roadmap was shared on Twitter and can be found below just as the previous roadmaps were presented. Similar to those, we see some definite parts of the game’s future and others that aren’t so certain since “More Updates to Come” doesn’t really tell us much about what’s planned beyond August.

Playable characters have been the highlight so far for past Resident Evil Resistance updates with the map being the next big feature to look forward to. Before that though, we’ll see the following cosmetics and related features released in July. There’s of course an “and more” attached to the end of July’s preview, so expect to see more than just what’s found below this month.

July Content Update

  • 21 Survivor Skins
  • 7 Zombie Skins
  • 18 Weapon Skins
  • 7 Survivor Gestures
  • 3 Zombie Gestures
  • 13 Sprays
  • 5 Mastermind Voice Lines

Capcom heavily hinted at future playable characters in the last few roadmaps, so if more of those are planned for August or September, expect to see them previewed again before they’re released. Carlos, for example, is still not in Resident Evil Resistance despite being a big part of Resident Evil 3, so there’s a chance he could be added in the future. Resident Evil Resistance features a mix of original and established characters in the game, so it could also be that we get a totally new character. Maps and more are also possibilities, though we probably won’t see what’s planned for August and September until we get towards the end of the month or the start of the next.

Look for Resident Evil Resistance’s next big update to drop on July 10th to release the content planned for this month.