Resident Evil: Resistance Stats Show Which Characters Are Most Popular

If you’re still trying to decide who you want to play as in Resident Evil: Resistance, Capcom’s latest multiplayer endeavor in the Resident Evil franchise, you might want to see what other people are finding success with by checking out some Resistance stats. Capcom has set up a section for the game on the Resident Evil site that shows how many people are playing worldwide as well as which characters those players are choosing most often. Winrates for these characters are also shown, so you can see which ones are the most popular as well as which ones are the most successful and can even track your own stats there.

To see some general Resistance stats, head to the Resident Evil site where you’ll find information divided up between the survivors and the Masterminds. Annette Birkin, a memorable Resident Evil character players will remember from Resident Evil 2, is currently the most popular Mastermind to play as with close to 590,000 experiments run with the character. Just under 350,000 of those attempts have been successful which means the survivors failed to escape. Daniel Fabron comes in second right after Annette as the new character who was added to Resistance as the first Mastermind.

As for the survivors, it’s unsurprising to see Valerie Harmon as the most popular character for those trying to escape the experiments. She’s the only character of the available survivors who can heal the whole team, and when you combine that with her ability to locate items hidden around the map, she’s pretty much essential to any team that wants to win. Players have played as Valerie over 1 million times, but only around 350,000 of those attempts have been successful. Samuel Jordan, the tanky survivor who’s all about punching people, is the least popular from the lineup.


If you want to see how your stats stack up compared to other people’s games, you can follow the link in the tweet above to look up your username and see other stats. You’ll need a Capcom account for that, though.

Capcom has historically been good about sharing stats like this on Resident Evil games, so there’s much more to explore on the site than just pickrates and winrates. There are also more characters coming to Resistance in the future, so look for stats on those to be injected to the site once they’re added.