Resident Evil: The Board Game Launches on Kickstarter

The big day is finally here, and now Resident Evil: The Board Game is available to back on Kickstarter. The new campaign offers up several expansions split into tiers, those being the Bravo Pledge and Alpha Pledge. The Bravo Pledge features the core box and all of the unlocked stretch goals, which will be unlocked in a perfectly Resident Evil style way (but more on that later). As for the Alpha Pledge, it is considered the All-In, and it features a lot. You get the core box as well as the Into the Darkness and Bleak Outpost expansions. You also get the 3D Terrain Pack, GameTrayz upgrade, Neoprene Player Mats, Retro Pack expansion, Monster Box, extra dice, and all of the unlocked stretch goals. The Bravo pledge runs $99 while the Alpha runs $299. You can back the game right here.

The core game comes with four heroes in Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Barry Burton, and Rebecca Chambers, as well s Brad Vickers as a Mission Reserve. You also get 28 enemies, including Hunters and Zombie Dogs, and those who have backed the past two games also get a Rookie Rebecca miniature.

(Photo: Steamforged)

Alpha goes even bigger with the monsters, including the famous Yawn, and the 3D terrain really does add a bit of flair to the game's already stellar presentation.

So, about those stretch goals. They will be unlocked in true RE fashion as you explore the mansion via fan votes. Fans will vote on different story paths, and depending on which vote wins you will unlock different characters for the game. The first unlocked the Made In Heaven '96 version of Chris, and now the second choice is to either follow Jill and Barry through the double doors or follow Chris upstairs. You can make your choice right here, and the vote commences on October 27th.

You can find our full impressions of the game as well as an interview with the designer right here on soon, but trust me, the gameplay brings that beloved Resident Evil experience from the games to life on tabletop, and you will not want to miss out on all the fun.

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