Resident Evil Creator Teases New Xbox Series X Game

Creating games and series like Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, and Vanquish, Shinji Mikami has achieved legendary status in the industry. These days he runs things over at Tango Gameworks, where he continues to make games as a director. Currently, Mikami and his team in Japan are working on GhostWire: Tokyo, a PS5 console exclusive releasing next year that PlayStation signed up before Bethesda, the parent company of Tango Gameworks, was acquired by Xbox. In other words, while Mikami's next game will be a PlayStation console exclusive, his future games will be Xbox console exclusives. What these games will be, remains to be seen, but it's been confirmed Mikami and Tango Gameworks are already working on the next game after GhostWire Tokyo.

Unfortunately, it's unclear when we will hear more about this game, which will presumably be of the horror variety, but it likely won't be for a couple of years. Whatever the case, what is clear is that Tango Gameworks has a lot to prove, assuming it doesn't do as much with GhostWire: Tokyo.

Since its founding, Tango Gameworks has released two games: 2014's The Evil Within and 2017's The Evil Within 2, both of which failed to set the world on fire critically or commercially. Judging purely by pre-release footage and marketing, GhostWire: Tokyo looks poised to be an appreciable improvement, but if it's not, the pressure to deliver a hit may start to build. 

It's probably going to be a while before we see this game. Three years separated The Evil Within and its sequel, and five years will separate the sequel and GhostWire Tokyo. If history is any indication, we won't see the studio's next game until 2025 at the earliest.


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