Riot's Project L Fighting Game Won't Get a Beta This Year

Riot Games' Project L fighting game is still in the works, but don't expect to get your hands on it anytime soon if you're looking forward to it. Tom Cannon, the co-founder of EVO who's now working on Riot's Project L, confirmed as much on Twitter this week while saying that there wouldn't be a beta of any form released anytime soon nor would there be one released even this year. Cannon did say that Project L hopefuls would get an update from the developers before the end of the year, however, so there will at least be some info to look forward to then.

Cannon commented about Project L on Twitter following a flurry of rumors about the game that circulated in the past couple of weeks. Other Riot projects like the card game Legends of Runeterra and the tactical shooter Valorant launched after holding their own betas, so it makes sense to imagine that Project L will get its own beta whenever that sort of test is ready. That'll likely be the case, but it's not happening anytime in the near future.

Offering something as reassurance after shooting down hopes for a beta in 2021, Cannon said to look forward to some information to be shared later in the year.

"We're planning a dev update for around the end of this year to share more about the game," Cannon said in a follow-up tweet. "Until then, sit tight!"

Of the games that Riot announced during its big 10-year celebration, Project L seems like one of the ones that's further out compared to others. It's not listed anywhere on Riot's site with the action RPG Project F game also absent from the list of titles.


Aside from its pillar game League of Legends and the ones already mentioned previously including Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, Project L, and Project F, Riot has been busy with plenty of other projects lately. League of Legends: Wild Rift's beta is now out pretty much everywhere for mobile devices, Teamfight Tactics gets regular updates alongside League proper, and the Riot Forge branch of Riot is working with developers on two games called CONV/ERGENCE and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. A new teaser for the animated series called Arcane was also released this week. All of these projects are set in Runeterra, the land in which League of Legends' events take place.

Riot also appears to be hiring for positions to build up a cinematic universe built around League of Legends, so suffice it to say there's plenty of League to look forward to in the future being the new fighting game alone.