Roblox Adding Controversial New Feature

Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world, and it's adding a controversial new feature that has fans divided. During a call with investors, Roblox Corporation announced that not only is it adding voice chat, or more specifically "safe" voice chat, to the popular game, but soon. How soon exactly, Roblox Corporation didn't say, but it said enough to have some players very worried and unhappy.

Right now, details on the implementation of voice chat in Roblox are scarce. And as you may know, we already more or less knew Roblox Corporation was experimenting with the feature and looking to add it, because the feature popped up in the game's files all the way back in 2019. Over time, Roblox Corporation has added to these files with more and more work on a voice chat function, and now it's been announced.

Again, at the moment of publishing, Roblox Corporation hasn't said much about the feature beyond confirming it and providing an update on its implementation with investors. And as you would expect, some players are excited about the new feature and what it could bring to the game, but others don't share this enthusiasm.

Roblox is primarily a children's game, so of course, there are concerns that children could now be exposed to vulgarity and negativity through voice chat. Meanwhile, others aren't convinced it will add anything worthwhile to the experience.

At the moment of publishing, Roblox Corporation hasn't said anything else about voice chat coming to Roblox nor has it addressed the backlash the news has created. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.


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H/T, Bloxy News.