Rocket League Getting New Loot Straight Out Of The 80s Next Week

Whenever new content gets added to Rocket League, it’s worth celebrating, as it gives players [...]


Whenever new content gets added to Rocket League, it's worth celebrating, as it gives players stuff to unlock when they're scoring goals and bumping up their stats in multiplayer competitions.

And this week's forthcoming update is no exception, as it will be bringing "Velocity Crates" to the game. Available in all versions starting on December 4th, the crates will deliver new gear for players to collect, including some cool stuff straight out of the 80's.

One particular worth noting is the Imperator DT5, a sleek sports car that highlighted in the image above. It definitely looks like something out of the era, with its razor sharp red car design and glowing blue wheels.

In addition to this slick new ride, you'll also be able to get your hands on six additional decals, along with Engine Audio, which you can mount onto Battle-Cars that are in your garage. You can also attain a number of new goal explosions, wheels, player banners and other cool things to play around with on your vehicle. They're all related to the 80's, so to say that you'll have nothing short of a "radical" time is an understatement.

This update follows a recent update that was applied to the game, making a number of tweaks for both the Xbox One and PS4 versions, as well as general fixes that should make the game easier to play. You can find the full list of patches below:


  • The Playlists / Find Match UI should load much more quickly than before
  • Competitive Leaver Penalties are no longer applied to players who quit after someone else has already left a competitive match
  • Replays from Urban Central that were captured before the Autumn Update will no longer cause the game to crash
  • Duplicate boost pads on Champion's Field are no longer visible when using certain video settings
  • Fixed an issue with motion blur on Core 707 on all platforms


  • Fixed an issue that caused framerate stuttering/hitching to occur and worsen over time (with V-Sync off)
  • Fixed multiple crashes on Xbox


  • Fixed a rendering issue that could rarely cause corrupted textures on PS4

The update is available now and should automatically apply once you log in to the game.

Rocket League is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.