Rocket League's Big Blueprint Update Gets a Release Date

Rocket League players have no doubt been hearing a lot about the new Blueprint system that’s [...]

Rocket League players have no doubt been hearing a lot about the new Blueprint system that's coming to the game soon, and thanks to an announcement from Psyonix, we now know when that big update will be out. The Blueprint update that'll remove Crates and replace them with Blueprints will go live on December 4th, the developer said on Thursday. Players don't have to worry about opening their loot boxes before then since they won't lose anything, but the inventory systems will look much different after the update releases.

Psyonix first revealed its plans for replacing the loot boxes and October and offered more details on them later to show what would happen to your existing Crates and how players would "open" these Blueprints. Rocket League players who've been following the development will already know what'll happen to their existing Crates and how they'll get Blueprints, but for those who don't Psyonix's latest refresher after announcing the update's release date has those details.

"Following the Blueprint Update, Blueprints will start to drop after select Online Matches," Psyonix said. "These new drops will show you a specific item that can then be built for Credits. You can build the item, trade it to a friend, or just keep it in your inventory. Any unopened Crates you have in your inventory will be converted to unrevealed Blueprints of the same series, which you can reveal at no cost. You can find your revealed and unrevealed Blueprints in the new Blueprints tab in your inventory."

Keys players have will also be converted to these Credits, so none of your resources will go to waste.

Though the update is planned to drop on December 4th, don't be surprised to find that you've stopped receiving Crates just over a day earlier than that. At 9 a.m. PT on December 3rd, you won't be able to purchase or otherwise acquire Crates, nor will you be able to open or trade the ones you have. Everything will be frozen in place until the update releases, so if you're hoping to score a few extra Crates before the conversions happen, you may as well wait for the update to release.

Rocket League's big Blueprint update releases for all platforms on December 4th.