Rocket League Is Having a Double Drop Weekend

Rocket League already has one event that's underway until next month, but for just a few days only, players can double up on their loot thanks to a Double Drop weekend. The Double Drop weekends have been happening more frequently as of late and the most recent one is live now to give players twice the chance of getting normal drops or painted gear. It's live until Monday, so if you're already planning on spending your weekend in Rocket League to take part in the summer event, now's your chance to make even more of it.

Though it probably feels like it's been around for much longer depending on how much time you've invested into the game, Rocket League made its debut on July 7, 2015, so its anniversary is quickly approaching. This Double Drop weekend is part of that celebration, according to an announcement from the game's Twitter account. The Double Drop weekend kicked off a bit earlier than they usually do to make the most of what was a long weekend for many people.

Since the Double Drop weekend began, players have been sharing what loot they've gotten. Some of them have been pretty lucky while others are left wondering how they never find themselves getting that good loot, though that's the case with any randomized drops like these.

Even if you can't take part in the Double Drop weekend, you still have the Radical Summer event to look forward to taking part in until August. The event is live now and is divided into several parts with the '80s Culture portion of it currently ongoing. This means that a new game mode is now playable called "Spike Rush," a Rumble variant where every player gets to use one of the most powerful tools in the mode.

"To celebrate Rocket League's 4th Birthday, we're taking the action back to Throwback Stadium, but gameplay is taking a sharp turn," Psyonix said. "Radical Summer's second phase introduces the all new limited-time game mode Spike Rush. In this 3v3 mode, every player has the Spike power-up from Rumble. Players who have possession of the ball lose all boost, but can disengage their spikes to perform some wicked shots or passing plays. But be careful! The ball carrier is demolished on contact. We can't wait to see what smooth moves you're able to pull off in this wild mode."


Both Rocket League's Double Drop weekend and the Radical Summer event are live now.