Rocket League Is Adding a New Game Mode

Rocket League players are getting a new game mode soon when the game’s Heatseeker Mode drops on April 16th, a mode which was announced on Thursday alongside a trailer to show what it’ll be like to play it. The mode puts a unique twist on the typical Rocket League experience by giving the ball a mind of its own since it’ll automatically head towards one goal or the other depending on who touched it last or what parts of the arena it comes in contact with. Heatseeker will arrive in Rocket League starting on April 16th and will stick around until April 20th before it’s removed.

Psyonix announced the launch of the new game mode this week by showing off a first look at Heatseeker Mode ahead of its release date. The trailer for the game mode seen above shows a superheated ball flying towards opponents’ goals as soon as it’s touched by a team. If you end up missing the goal and hit the backboard, however, it’s coming straight back for your goal.

“In Heatseeker, the ball will automatically seek the opposing net once it's hit,” Psyonix said. “But, make sure you don't miss the goal! If the ball hits the backboard, it will fire back toward your goal. Make sure to think fast, because every time the ball is touched by a player or a backboard, it gains speed! First team to seven goals wins.”

Even if you try Heatseeker Mode out and find that it’s not for you, you’ll at least get a free item for testing the limited-time mode. Once you try it, you’ll get a unique banner to customize your profiles with. Those who do end up sticking around in Heatseeker Mode for the few days that it’s available can look forward to earning experience and Rocket Pass tiers like they would in the normal game modes.


“Plus, get a free login item! Log into Rocket League at any time while Heatseeker is live to get the Hypnoteks Player Banner,” Psyonix said. “Check out the official start and end times below. Matches played in Heatseeker will grant the same amount of XP as Casual, Competitive, or Extra Mode playlists, so you'll still unlock your Rocket Pass 6 Tiers as you normally would. Good luck, have fun, and standby for Heatseeker launch!”

Rocket League’s Heatseeker Mode arrives on April 16th and leaves on April 20th.