Rocket League Is Adding An Evolving 20-Word Language Ban

Not long after it’s second-year anniversary update, Rocket League and Psyonix have announced [...]


Not long after it's second-year anniversary update, Rocket League and Psyonix have announced that they'll soon be adding in a language ban system that'll target players using offensive words.

In the announcement from Rocket League that was shared on Wednesday, the game's team cited the now-massive community that has amassed as the main reason for the language ban. Explaining that the game's player count now sits upwards of 30 million players, they want to take additional steps to make sure the community is kept clean. The option to mute and report players already takes measures to ensure this, but the language ban will take it a step further.

"This week, we're building on our Player Report system by adding a new layer of automation to the report-ban process," the announcement read. "This automation, simply called the 'Language Ban' system, will automatically ban players from online matches when certain words -- racial slurs, for example -- are seen in reports filed by our players."

If you were hoping to see a scandalous list of naughty words that'll earn you a swift ban from the game, you might be a bit let down to hear that Psyonix isn't planning on revealing the exact list. The usual suspects will probably be present in the list that consists of over 20 bad words, but more will be added over time.

"While we have an initial list of over 20 words and variants, this list (which we will not be making public) will continue to evolve over time, and include words and phrases from multiple languages," the announcement continued. "Each word has its own threshold, and once a threshold for any word has been reached, that player will be automatically subject to a ban. These bans will typically start at 24 hours, then escalate to 72 hours, one week, and finally, a permanent ban."

The announcement also added that they've been taking steps against those who manipulated matchmaking to earn end-of-season rewards, denying them these prizes if they were found to be involved in questionable behavior.

With certain words and phrases now being looked at closer, it's probably best that players stick to spamming "Wow!" and "What a Save!" instead of more unsavory, bannable options.