Rocket League Players Surprised with Free Perk from Fortnite

Rocket League players got a nice surprise this week from Epic Games, but it's a surprise that's only available if you're a Fortnite player, too. Those who play Fortnite and have the Fortnite Crew membership active right now have also been given the Rocket Pass Premium as a free perk for doing nothing more than already having a Fortnite Crew subscription. You can of course join up with Fortnite Crew now if your subscription has lapsed and you think you'll get back into the game, but this deal naturally works best for those who already play both games.

News of the latest collab between Fortnite and Rocket League first surfaced this week when it was reported by the various Fortnite-focused Twitter accounts that this perk would soon be available for players. A screenshot of the promotion in question was shared alongside news that the offer would go live on Tuesday.

Now that Tuesday's here, it seems this perk has indeed gone live for Rocket League and Fortnite players. Another image showing off the Rocket League bonus was shared on Reddit, too, with one player saying that the offer was live now.

As is the case with any sort of battle pass system like the one present in Rocket League, the Premium Pass is obviously the one you'd want to go for since it's got more in it, so this perk is a nice one if you're active in both games. The Rocket Pass Premium for this season comes with the Volkswagen Golf GTI that's unlocked immediately with more add-ons and other cosmetics unlocked as players progress through the pass.

This new Rocket League season got underway in March and isn't scheduled to end until June, so players still have awhile longer to work through this battle pass even if getting it now means getting a late start on it. The details about this Epic Games crossover didn't specify what would happen, if anything, to those who already own the pass and are also Fortnite Crew members, so this may only be a perk that's worthwhile for those who haven't yet bought the Rocket Pass Premium.