Rocket League Gets Review Bombed After Epic Games Purchase

Epic Games and Pysonix made a joint announcement several days ago that confirmed the studio responsible by Rocket League had been acquired by the growing creators of Fortnite and the Epic Games Store. As one might expect based on prior events, this acquisition did not sit well with some people who didn't like the idea of the game being owned by someone else, not to mention the notion of it being taken off of Steam. Some of those people took to Steam to drop a few of the now customary review bombs to voice their disagreement.

Looking at the game's recent reviews on Steam, you'll find some differences compared to the overall scores following the announcement. Rocket League is rated as "Very Positive" overall, and if you've got your Steam settings configured to filter out off-topic reviews, it'll have that rating for recent reviews as well. Dig into those reviews though and you'll see that there were over 3,000 negative reviews added to the page on May 1st when Psyonix said it'd been purchased by Epic Games.

The reviews consist of assertions that the game will be dead now that it's owned by Epic Games and others who say the purchase is a slap in the face to the players who've been active on Steam and other platforms since the game's release. Some had more detailed explanations for their disagreements and said that, while the move might be good for Psyonix, they felt it wouldn't be beneficial to players in the long run who've grown comfortable playing on Steam with all its features.

This is far from the first time that a game's been review bombed in connection to Epic Games. During the start of the exclusive grabs as the Epic Games Store grew, Metro Exodus was hit with negative reviews after it was pulled from Steam. When Borderlands 3 was announced to be an Epic Games Store exclusive on the PC platform, both Borderlands Game of the Year and Borderlands 2 were review bombed as well.



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