Rumor: Rocksteady’s Superman Video Game Poster Leaks

UPDATE: PlayStation Lifestyle has suggested that the World's Finest sub-name has some significance [...]


UPDATE: PlayStation Lifestyle has suggested that the World's Finest sub-name has some significance to it. "'World's Finest' isn't just a cool subtitle. Those two words together carry a lot of weight, going back several decades in DC Comics history," the author notes. "World's Finest is the tag team moniker used to describe Superman and Batman when they work together, and has been the title for several volumes of comic book issues. So if World's Finest is indeed the name of this game we still aren't certain even exists, then it is without a doubt either connected to the Arkham universe, or at the very least Batman is involved somehow."

IF it's real, that's pretty cool.

ORIGINAL STORY: We've been hearing all kinds of stories revolving around Rocksteady Studios' proposed Superman game, including how it could be revealed at E3. But a new piece of art is making the rounds that not only hints at it further, but also reveals a potential name.

A few other details come to light through this tweet, which mentions that Brainiac will be the main villain of the game. It also notes that Microsoft's E3 press conference would be the place where it gets its official unveiling. Other DC heroes, like Batman and Wonder Woman, could take part in the story. The game will apparently be subtitled "World's Finest." You can see the tweet below.

Now, before you get too excited, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

Number one, while Rocksteady Studios has been at work on something for quite some time, it never really unveiled what it is. Game Informer recently provided a hint earlier this week that the game could be appearing on its July 2018 cover, but stopped just short of an official confirmation.

Number two, the rumor originated on this 4chan page. This is probably the most important piece of information to bear in mind as we approach E3. The image is being shared around the internet and is currently making the rounds on Twitter, but no matter how hard we cross our fingers and no matter how much we hope, there's no changing the fact that this came from a random dude on 4chan. It could have been my friend posting the image. It could have been your brother. It could have been a bored Cliff Bleszinski having a laugh.

Expectations are high that we'll actually see the Man of Steel soar at some point during E3 next week, but we'd advise getting your hopes up about this particular rumor. Every year it seems a new Superman game announcement is imminent, and though we'd love nothing more than to see it come to fruition, we have our doubts that it will actually happen this year.