Roombo: First Blood Combines Vacuum Cleaners, Home Alone, and Gore

In a beloved Christmas classic, a young boy fends off two-would be burglars by viciously attacking them with a number of household items. This holiday season, a new hero will take up a similar cause in Roombo: First Blood. This time, however, the protagonist isn't a young boy left behind by negligent parents; instead, players take on the role of a small vacuum cleaner clearly based off the Roomba brand. In the stealth-action game, players must use Roombo's abilities to hack smart home appliances and use them to save Christmas. Of course, there is one other big difference from Home Alone: lots and lots of blood.

While most stealth-action games tend to be overly serious in nature, developer Samurai Punk's Roombo: First Blood is clearly a bit more tongue-in-cheek. As the game's titular hero, players will hide from the burglars before attacking and devouring them. Naturally, that means a big mess, but Roombo's first priority is keeping the house clean. Once the burglars have been dispatched, Roombo must clean things up before anyone gets home to find out what may have happened in their absence! The game's over-the-top gore won't appeal to everyone, but the concept could prove to be the perfect holiday hit for a roomful of older players.

Roombo: First Blood is available today on Nintendo Switch for $3.99. The price is only a temporary launch discount, however. The price will eventually increase to $4.99. The game is also available on Steam at a discounted price of $2.39 through January 2. Both prices might seem a bit low, but the game has only one setting. Thankfully, Roombo's six difficulty scenarios and unlockable concept art should give players plenty of reasons to keep playing.

Based in Melbourne, Samurai Punk is the studio behind unique titles such as Feather and Screencheat Unplugged. In the latter title, players are invisible, and the only way to figure out who is where is by committing one of the most offensive crimes in a first-person shooter: looking at the screens of your opponents. Roombo: First Blood certainly seems to be in keeping with the studio's unique catalog of games!

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