Rust Players Can Now Get New Loot Through Twitch Drops

Whether you're playing Rust this weekend or taking a break, you might want to put a Twitch stream on where someone else is playing. That's because Rust has now entered into its seventh round of Twitch Drops that are live now with the start of the new month, but the content available now is only going to be around until April 8th and can only be earned by watching certain streamers play Rust.

The details of the latest series of Rust's Twitch Drops were shared in a post detailing the game's latest Gestures update from earlier in the week. As we've seen from past rounds of Twitch Drops, certain streamers have unique cosmetics attached to their streams which can only be earned by watching the right channels.

"We've teamed up with Dairygold, Tesla, xguiry, suspect, NoraExplorer, Picco, PyrooTV, etoleto and 6zdenko, to bring you special unique drops which can only be earned by watching their channels," Rust's creators said in the overview of the Gestures update and the new round of Twitch Drops.

Over on the site set up specifically for these Twitch Drops, the process of acquiring them was explained for those who haven't yet started accumulating loot from Twitch. You first start by signing into both your Twitch and Steam accounts before linking them together to ensure you get awarded for the time you've spent watching streamers on Twitch.

Below is a list of everything that you can acquire through this round of Twitch Drops with the item followed by the streamer it's attached to and finally with the number of hours you're required to watch before you get the item. You can see what the items look like through the embedded video and the site linked above.


Rust Twitch Drops Round 7

  • Suspect Door of Glory – Suspect – 2 hours
  • NoraExplorer Garage Door – NoraExplorer – 2 hours
  • Etoleto SAR – etoleto – 2 hours
  • Picco Jacket – Picco – 2 hours
  • PyrooTv MP5 – PyrooTV – 2 hours
  • 6zdenko Babushka Bandana – 6zdenko – 2 hours
  • Dairygold Fridge – Any "Drops Enabled" Rust streams – 2 hours
  • xGuiRy Socks & Sandals – Any "Drops Enabled" Rust streams – 4 hours
  • Tesla Rocket Launcher – Any "Drops Enabled" Rust streams – 6 hours

Rust's current round of Twitch Drops is live from now until April 8th.