'Saturday Night Live' Skit Mocks Soulja Boy's Consoles

Saturday Night Live took aim at Soulja Boy in its latest weekend update skit by joking about the [...]

Saturday Night Live took aim at Soulja Boy in its latest weekend update skit by joking about the rapper's "consoles" he sold for a brief time.

The video above from Saturday Night Live saw actor Chris Redd standing in as Soulja Boy and offering his take on the government shutdown while also throwing his Gucci headband in the ring to run for president, but it eventually shifted to the topic of the rapper's failed console venture. A gamer himself, Soulja Boy announced towards the end of 2018 that he'd be expanding his involvement in gaming even more by launching his own line of consoles. As it turned out, those consoles which got names like SouljaGame Fuze weren't anything more than emulators which played different games. Copyright infringement was an immediate concern, but not to Soulja Boy who said his consoles were untouchable and that he wasn't worried about Nintendo coming after him.

"We can play games on this man, how is this a knockoff?" Redd asked in the video while channeling his inner Soulja Boy. "They both made in China, it's the same stuff."

He even attested that the SouljaConsoles could run Fortnite, though anyone who's been keeping up with the strange console saga will know that that's not true. Fortnite is available on every platform from consoles to the PC to mobile devices, but Soulja Boy's consoles won't be among the devices that could run them. The rapper said the devices would be able to play the hit battle royale game, but Epic Games shot that down with a statement that refuted the claims.

Soulja Boy's plans to sell the consoles eventually came to an end amid legal threats that resulted in the consoles being pulled from his store. The entire store where Soulja Boy sold the consoles and other products like the SouljaWatch is actually down right now after an alleged hacking attack brought it down over a week ago with the store not yet brought back online.

Some of Soulja Boy's consoles may have already been purchased before being removed from the store, but they can no longer be bought.