'Scrubs' Star Donald Faison Isn't Too Thrilled About 'Fortnite' Stealing His Dance Moves

While Fortnite continues to sweep the game industry as a massive success, not everyone is pleased with some of its actions. For instance, rapper 2 Milly has threatened legal action against Epic Games for stealing some of his dance moves. And he’s not the only one that’s have a routine stolen from him, it seems.

Donald Faison, who portrayed the awesome Chris Turk on the TV series Scrubs, did a rather infamous dance that’s been making the rounds on the Internet for years. But he voiced his displeasure at a cast reunion this weekend at the Vulture Festival when a fan asked if he could do the dance.

He replied, “If you wanna see it, you can play Fortnite, because they jacked that sh*t.”

And if you want to see evidence that they “stole” his moves, you can check out the video below from A_Rival Planetskill’s YouTube channel. And...yep, it looks pretty exact to us. The dancing starts at around the :24 second mark.

During the panel, executive producer Bill Lawrence noted, “Fortnite had to enquire for the legal…for the legality of it, and it’s fine because it’s just a character dancing,” but Faison thinks otherwise.

“I don’t get no money. That’s what y’all are thinking, right? Somebody got paid? No. No. I did not. Somebody stole that sh*t, and it’s not mine any more.”

It’s then that Lawrence and Scrubs co-star Zach Braff joked a little about how the cast got the money while leaving Faison out of it, but he added, “That’s not true Nobody got money for it.”

Other stars have been “ripped off” by Fortnite in the past, including 2 Milly and Snoop Dogg, but the US Copyright Office notes that such grants aren’t given for “individual dance moves,” instead pointed more towards “words or phrases,” according to PCGamesN. So it’s unknown if legal action will be able to move forward at this point.

Still, seems only fair that Epic Games should try to make this up to Faison somehow. Maybe add some Scrubs skins to the game…?


You can check out the full panel below, but look out -- Faison does not hold back when it comes to his moves being stolen. You don’t take someone else’s “Poison,” after all.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PC.