Sea of Thieves Players Can Get a Free Halo-Themed Ship Set for a Limited Time

Seeing as the Sea of Thieves devs recently kicked off their massive anniversary update, which [...]

Seeing as the Sea of Thieves devs recently kicked off their massive anniversary update, which featured a mountain of content, it was unlikely that we would see anything from Rare Ltd. at E3 2019. The spotlight was instead reserved for a myriad of games during both the Xbox press conference and Inside Xbox. That said, during the latter, Rare did surprise fans with a gift that they can claim right now for free. For those who log in to Sea of Thieves during the week of E3, they will obtain the Spartan Ship Set, which is heavily inspired by one of the most iconic franchises in gaming history - Halo.

It was revealed during Inside Xbox that the Halo-themed ship set is available right now for players. All one has to do to claim their own is play Sea of Thieves between now and 6:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, June 15th, and the Spartan Ship Set will be added to your account within 72 hours of the first time you play. Check out what the set looks like in the video below.

Sea of Thieves is currently available on PC and Xbox One. For more on what is going on with the game, check out some of our previous coverage. As of late, the anniversary update added plenty for players to enjoy, including:


Grand adventures, vast riches to plunder, ancient secrets to uncover… stories of piracy and wild encounters on the waves. The Sea of Thieves is bigger and stranger than anyone knows. Tall Tales – Shores of Gold brings this pirate world into even more vibrant focus, leading you deep into long-lost legend and mystery. Are you ready to follow our trail of tales?


Experience the thrill of competition and engage in explosive encounters in The Arena – a place dedicated to contests of seafaring skill on the Sea of Thieves! The proudest pirates love to show off their abilities and The Arena is the ideal place for it. Trust in your crew and test your mettle in this dedicated new game mode.


Pirate bard Merrick, a true survivor of the Sea of Thieves, has decided to build on his experiences by founding a new Trading Company known as The Hunter's Call. This ragtag band boasts experts in hunting, fishing and cooking and would like all pirates to master the same skills. Handsome rewards await those who can catch the rarest creatures and cook the finest dishes!


The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update also brings along various world improvements to enhance the core experience. Expanded ship damage means that your beloved vessel can suffer a broken mast, capstan or even wheel, meaning that sailing and escaping battle could become very tricky indeed.