Sea of Thieves Devs Clarify How Matchmaking Works

Sea of Thieves developer Rare addressed some multiplayer topics by explaining how the matchmaking system will allow players to find and interact with other pirates.

Craig Duncan, the studio head for Rare, recently tweeted about a few inaccuracies that he'd noticed online regarding Sea of Thieves' matchmaking system. While it's been suggested in the past that a world in Sea of Thieves would consist of 100 players within the world, Duncan said that that statement was incorrect and clarified what Rare's vision is for the Sea of Thieves multiplayer environment.

With that topic covered, there were still some questions about how many ships would be allowed in the ocean at any given time. Duncan clarified that the system was variable when it comes to how many ships would be encounterable in the ocean at different intervals, but he also said that players will never have to worry about being left to drift through the ocean on their own as they would be automatically migrated to a different server.


Sea of Thieves recently wrapped up a closed beta with tons of players that took part, so it's safe to say that if this interest continues, players will have no problem encountering other ships during their adventures. Sea of Thieves is scheduled to release on March 20.