Secretlab Announces New League of Legends Chairs

Secretlab has teamed up with Riot Games again for a new set of League of Legends chairs directly inspired by some of the game’s most popular champions. The new collection consists of three chairs themed after Akali, Yasuo, and Ahri and a fourth that embodies the K/DA aesthetic from the champions that form the music group which exploded in popularity after their first single was released. The four new chairs come in Secretlab’s Omega and Titan variants, and they are now available to pre-order with plans to ship out to buyers in October.

These new League of Legends chairs have some similarities in how they’re designed as they’re part of the same Champions Collection, but they offer distinct styles for each champion they represent. Ahri’s is mostly red and white with fox graphics, Yasuo’s is shades of blue with white accents with a sword and the champion’s signature wind technique on the front and back, Akali’s has her weapons of choice with an impressive graphic on the back, and the K/DA Edition has a gold version of Akali’s dragon set into the black and purple chair. Akali’s mask from her K/DA appearance and the group’s logo adorn the front of the chair with a quilted purple design on the wings of the chair complementing the black and gold.

Those who’ve been keeping up with past Secretlab releases and their work with Riot Games will recall that the two have teamed up before, but not for chairs like this. Past collaborations have yielded esports-focused chairs for special occasions like international tournaments or for the LCS and LEC leagues. These chairs are the first of their kind to feature actual champions on them, but they do so in a more stylish way without just plastering the champions faces across the chairs.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering one, you can check them out now through Secretlab’s site while they’re still around. The Omega variants are priced at $389 while the Titan chairs are priced at $429. Differences between the two variants include things like built-in adjustable lumbar support for the Titan as opposed to a lumbar support pillow included with the Omega as well as the style of chairs’ bases. The Omega’s seat has elevated sides to create a tighter fit while the Titan’s base is leveled. Both variants still have Secretlab’s staple features like adjustable armrests, the Prime 2.0 PU Leather material covering them, and memory foam head pillows.

Secretlab’s League of Legends Champion Collection chairs are now available to pre-order.