SEGA Teasing an Announcement for Tuesday, Dreamcast Fans Losing It

SEGA is teasing something, and we're already squirming with anticipation. Earlier this morning [...]

SEGA is teasing something, and we're already squirming with anticipation. Earlier this morning SEGA sent out a very cryptic tweet, teasing some kind of announcement for this coming Tuesday, January 16. The tweet featured some very simple, but very powerful imagery, which has set the gaming world abuzz with speculation. Check it out for yourself:

Well it doesn't get any more cryptic than that, does it? We know absolutely nothing about what SEGA has up its sleeve, but that's not stopping droves of long-time SEGA nerds from making their guesses and jumping to conclusions. Is it a new game announcement? Something new for the Switch? A new event? Some fans are event speculating that a new console could be in the works.

Oh yeah. We went there. The lightbulb, for many people, serves as a reminder of SEGA's old marketing campaign for the Dreamcast. There was a period of time leading up to launch that commercials would end with the slogan, "It's thinking." I guess the connection between lightbulbs and ideas is to blame for the Dreamcast hype:

As you can see, the Dreamcast hype is real. I don't think anyone thinks that SEGA is in a position to break into the console market and compete with the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch at this point, but we would definitely take a Dreamcast mini! That's one device that SEGA could pull off with its current budget, and we're willing to bet that it would sell like crazy.

Then again, we have reason to believe that this announcement could be tied to a game in development by Two Point Studios. This small studio is headed up by a number of industry execs, some from Lionhead Studios (Fable, Black & White), and has been working with SEGA Europe on an unannounced project. On their own Twitter account, they're teasing their game reveal for, you guessed it, January 16:

This is probably the best lead we have at this point, and I think that it's pretty safe to assume that the two announcements are actually the same announcement. Will it be a totally new IP, or is SEGA bringing more of its game library to PC? We'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out. Make sure you stay tuned, we'll keep you guys updated with the announcement as soon as it goes live, and you'll find all of the details right here!