Sega Comments Further On Dreamcast Ports For Nintendo Switch

There's been a lot of talk as of late about Sega expanding its line of Sega Ages games on Nintendo Switch to include potential ports of Sega Dreamcast and Saturn games, though nothing's been entirely confirmed just yet. However, it appears that a rep from the company has commented further on the possibilities -- and things are looking good, gamers.


While recently speaking with Famitsu, Sega's Naoki Horii explained that the company is working on a way to get Dreamcast games to work on the Nintendo Switch through emulation. Again, nothing's been finalized yet, but it does appear to be a huge step forward in the process.

Horii noted that when it comes to bringing Dreamcast games to the system, there's emulation, which would be fairly easy considering the tools; and there's also the idea of remaking the games entirely, since the source code for a number of these games appears to still be on hand. He noted, though, that both of these processes can be very different; and as you might guess, remaking would be a little more time-consuming, as we saw from Sega's recently canned Shenmue remake project.

With that, the company appears to be leaning more towards the idea of emulating the original games to run on Switch. And fans should be pretty pleased with that plan, since they want to remember the games as they originally ran anyway. Sure, Jet Set Radio would be smokin' hot with a new coat of paint, but we're perfectly fine with how the original game looked.

The remake option would still be on the table though, most notably for games that Sega doesn't have the original source code to. Specific titles weren't mentioned, but more rare favorites would likely fall into this category.

Now please keep in mind this is not a confirmation. Sega, however, is taking it into heavy consideration, which means we could hear something sooner rather than later. It's just really a question of what more than when at this point, as there are a number of titles to choose from.

That said, what do you think would be best for the system? Obviously Jet Set deserves a spot, as does Skies of Arcadia. And we know a Phantasy Star Online project is due for the system (in Japan, anyway). So what else would you like to see? Crazy Taxi 2? Virtua Tennis? What do you think?


We'll let you know once games are confirmed. In the meantime, there's plenty to look forward to in the Sega Ages lineup, including Phantasy Star, Virtua Racing and Space Harrier, all coming fairly soon!

(Hat tip to Nintendo Soup for the translation!)