Sega Genesis Mini Delayed to 2019

Earlier this year, Sega confirmed that it was getting into the all-in-one console business with the Sega Genesis Mini, a console that includes a number of classics for players to enjoy in one convenient package. But it’ll be just a little bit longer before we see if this Genesis does what it promises.

Sega Genesis Mini

Sega has announced that it is delaying the release of the Sega Genesis Mini to sometime in 2019, in the hopes of working on the system and making it the best possible model it can be.

This makes ideal sense, considering that past Sega Genesis system releases didn’t quite go over well at planned. For instance, the Sega Genesis Flashback HD that came out earlier this year from AtGames failed to live up to its potential, mainly due to an overabundant amount of shareware games, as well as some issues with the console’s design.

The actual reason, however, is three-fold. First off, Sega is trying to coordinate more of a worldwide release with the Sega Genesis Mini, so that it’ll come out simultaneously for the U.S., European and Japanese gaming markets.

Another factor, though, suggests that the publisher may be looking to redesign the hardware, so that it has more of a nostalgic appearance than the one it introduced earlier this year. Granted, its previous design was originally based on the design of the original Sega Genesis system (as seen above), but it may be going for something more compact, like, say, the Sega Genesis 2 or even the Sega Genesis 3, making it more convenient to set up in someone’s gaming center.

Finally, it appears AtGames is no longer handling the Sega Genesis Mini's development. According to an inside source, it's being handled by a “trusted domestic developer” that hasn't been revealed yet.


There may also be something else. Late last night, Sony introduced the PlayStation Classic, an all-in-one console that will arrive this December with 20 games included, along with two controllers and other features. The demand for this system has been high, and there may be a slight chance that the Sega Genesis Mini just wouldn’t be able to keep up with this competition. Again, that’s not really official, but something to consider when it comes to all-in-one consoles.

Here’s hoping that Sega takes this extra time and makes the Genesis Mini a system that’s well worth everyone’s time and money. Oh, and would it hurt to request some specific games? We’d love to see Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Midnight Resistance make the cut. Maybe Strider, too.