Sega: Don't Expect 'Virtua Fighter 6' Anytime Soon

Even though the Virtua Fighter brand has been a dependable one for Sega over the past few years, it doesn't appear to be on the company's agenda for the future -- at least, for the time being.

Virtua Fighter

A fan managed to ask Sega Europe over the weekend when we can expect another chapter in the ongoing fighting series, which got its start in the 90's as an experimental polygonal-based beat-em-up before evolving into something much bigger. But, alas, the answer they gave wasn't exactly one that they were hoping for.

You can see the Twitter exchange below, where Sega Europe doesn't exactly let the fan down easy.

Alas, it looks like while Sega Europe was excited to see "old-school" Akira in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Assist trophy, that appears to be the only mention we're getting from the Virtua Fighter series these days.

By no means does this indicate that the franchise is dead; it's just that the company is hard at work on other projects at the moments. Who knows, it could revisit it in the future, possibly as an arcade release that ties in with home consoles.

And there are possibilities outside of that. Akira and Sarah Bryant have both appeared in Dead Or Alive games in the past, and we could see them possibly returning for Dead Or Alive 6. And Virtua Fighter fans can currently enjoy Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown on Xbox One, since the game is backward compatible. (Virtua Fighter 2 is on that list as well, in case you really want to be taken back to the retro days.)

So we won't see Virtua Fighter 6 for some time. But there are some other great fighting options available, and you can always brawl with the original games to pass the time.


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Evolution is also available for PlayStation 3. For good measure, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7 for Nintendo Switch, in both physical and digital format.