Sega Shop Introduces 'Jet Set Radio' Apparel

Even though it’s been a good while since we’ve seen a new game in the series, Jet Set Radio remains quite relevant in today’s gaming culture. And while we wait to figure out what Sega has in mind (Switch port, maybe?), they have, at the very least, offered some good stuff that you can get over in the Sega shop.

Jet Set Radio

The company has announced a line of Jet Set Radio goods that you can get in their shop right now. They’re reasonably priced (plus extra for shipping, obviously), and it’s a good time to show off your love for the game without spray painting something like crazy. Professor K would be proud!

Here’s a rundown of the products that are available, which you can find here:

Jet Set Radio Yellow Ringer Tee- $29.95 -- now you can dress like Beat with this baseball style jersey shirt, featuring a logo straight out of Jet Set Radio

Sega Jet Set Radio Graffiti Denim Jacket- $99.99 -- probably the most expensive item of the bunch, this sweet jean jacket features some spray painted goodness on the back, as well as a Jet Set Radio emblem on the front side. Perfect for a Christmas gift, yeah? (I’m size XXL in case you need a reminder…)

Sega Jet Set Radio Aqua Zip Hoodie- $44.95 -- If jean jackets aren’t your thing, this aqua blue-colored hoodie certainly is, featuring another logo from Jet Set Radio. Delightfully colorful, this is definitely going to please fans of the series.

Sega Jet Set Radio Patch Set- $24.95 -- this patch collection features Beat’s head, along with several items taken straight out of the Jet Set universe. Perfect if you want to sew them on to that jacket Sega is offering…

Sega Jet Set Radio Water Bottle- $21.95 -- show off your love for Jet Set the next time you hit the gym with this stylish black, yellow and green water bottle!

Sega Jet Set Radio Beat Glasses- $12.95 -- now you can look just like Beat with these nicely colored lenses -- and, yes, you can still see out of them too, even with their funky design

Sega Jet Set Radio Yellow Hoodie- $44.95 -- need another variation of a Jet Set hoodie? Consider this colorful yellow one, featuring an emblem similar to the one the t-shirt offers

Sega Jet Set Radio Stencil- $12.95 -- want to draw one of Jet Set’s funky designs for yourself? This stencil makes it easy. Just don’t go spray painting it on your neighbor’s house, okay?


Sega Jet Set Radio Tablet Case- $24.95 -- carry around your tablet device in style with this case, which looks like a miniature radio. Now if only it blasted tunes…

You can find the full line of Jet Set Radio goodies here. Stock up now, then go back to playing your beloved games!