Sephiroth vs. Devil May Cry's Vergil: See Who Wins in This Epic Showdown

Death Battle

We are always down for an epic battle - and these Death Battles are little slices of brutal heaven. In the latest Battle of the century, we see Final Fantasy's (hello, there) Sephiroth up against the formidable Vergil from the Devil May Cry franchise? Who will take the crown?

Battle aside, the animation style of the above video are more than a little impressive but we can't help but to see one fatal flaw that could hand good 'ol Sephi the victory: Though the battle itself states that Vergil can't be cut in half, the 19 second mark clearly disproves that theory. Granted, Vergil's healing capabilities give a strong "hell yeah" to that tally, still ... maybe a little statement revising is in order.

Though ... Sephiroth's hair alone is merit enough for the win, we're just saying. Regardless, the back and forth of abilities and resources is impressive and brings out fan in all of us. But who wins? The legendary soldier from the Final Fantasy franchise, or Dante's twin brother and leader of The Order? Super soldier, or Nephilim? Only you can decide.