Shin Megami Tensei V For Nintendo Switch Progress Update

shin megami

We've only had a few sneak peaks into what the next Shin Megami title has to offer when it drops for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future, but what we have seen definitely has us intrigued. Because of that, it's completely normal to be itching for that ever present question: what's the status? Luckily, a New Year group interview with Japanese site 4Gamer has given anticipating fans a little scoop to tide us over.

Shin Megami producer Kazuyuki Yamai sat down with the Japanese site to answer a few questions as he expressed how excited the team was to finally be producing a Shin title meant for a home console; the first installment in awhile to do that. Because of that, Yamai-san was very clear that the developers are being meticulous in their stages of development to make sure it is done right.

As of right now, the title is barely out of storyboard phase as the team works to create art and fill in the details for the overall narrative. He called it the "Scrap and build" phase, which includes getting the game that is put together thus far, and integrating within the Nintendo Switch console. Basically, Yamai-san confirms that the game is basically going through the trial and error motions right now to build the next installment from the ground up.

One thing is for sure - after the latest reveal, including the teaser trailer, we definitely can't wait to see more about what this game has in store.

With the Nintendo Switch being a unique hybrid console, it's understandable as to why Altus would make this move for the brand. Their previous installment in the franchise was a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive, so to see to come onto a platform that is both a handheld and an at-home console is incredibly exciting. Now really all we need is for Altus to make those same moves for their beloved Persona franchise, and we'd be set!


For now, we can be excited about the latest trailer and the confirmation that western fans will also be able to partake in their Shin Megami love. There is no release date slated at this time.