This 'Skyrim' Aela the Huntress Cosplay Is Beyond Perfect

Aela is such a strong character in the Elder Scrolls lore so it shouldn't be too surprising that [...]

Aela is such a strong character in the Elder Scrolls lore so it shouldn't be too surprising that the Huntress has inspired many cosplays in her name. One cosplayer in particular has made her way around several notable Skyrim faces, and her Aela is just as inspiring!

We've actually shared older pictures of this cosplayer's take on the Huntress before, but with Skryim's anniversary having recently passed, April Gloria decided to revisit an old favorite:

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🍃on the hunt🍃 new photo of my Aela the Huntress from Skyrim! Photo taken by CG in Yellowstone National Park. Costume by me, bow by @ivoryforgellc Wig is a Bucky in dark copper red from @ardawigs Armor is made from foam from @sewmuchcosplay THANK YOU PATRONS for allowing me to make this dream costume remake and to get to shoot in one of my dream locations. You’re the best! If anyone wants to join us for sneak peeks and exclusives, details are in my bio✨ @bethesda @bethesda_es @bethesda_uk @bethesda_de @bethesda_nl @elderscrolls #elderscrolls #skyrim #skyrimcosplay #aela #aelathehuntress #aelacosplay #aelathehuntresscosplay #aprilgloria #aprilgloriaskyrim #theelderscrollscosplay #elderscrollscosplay #skyrimgirl

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Aside from us sharing her work previously, another reason she may look familiar is the fact that Buzzfeed loves calling April Gloria the "goth Taylor Swift" because of her striking resemblance to the singer out of cosplay and her penchant for a more rocksteady style.

It's pretty easy to see why we're in love with her Aela, the attention to detail is phenomenal!

This isn't the only Elder Scrolls cosplay April's done either. She's also portrayed Serana from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as Astrid and Mjoll the Lioness from the same game as well. To say this cosplayer is talented is a massive understatement. No matter the fandom she chooses to represent, she absolutely nails the look with her own personal flair as well.

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