Fans Petition for 'Skyrim Grandma' To Become an NPC in 'Elder Scrolls VI'

Shirely Curry, AKA the Gaming Grandma / Skyrim Grandma is the 81-year old gamer that stole the [...]

Shirely Curry, AKA the Gaming Grandma / Skyrim Grandma is the 81-year old gamer that stole the community's heart when her YouTube channel made its debut back in 2015 and has since exploded in popularity in large part due to her love of Skyrim. With the next entry into the Elder Scrolls franchise currently in the works, gamers everywhere are looking to pay homage to the Gaming Grandma in the best way possible: By making her an NPC!

The 'Skyrim Grandma' mentioned her disappointment that The Elder Scrolls VI was still so far off. She joked, "Well, I guess that puts the nail in my coffin, literally!!!" In another streamer's video, she added "When Skyrim 6 comes out I'll be 88!! So I probably won't get to play it, so I'm going to quite [quit?] dreaming for it!!! :("

Of course, her supporters caught wind of the commentary and decided to do something about it. Since we can't make development go any faster (unfortunately), we can at least try to make her a part of the franchise by literally becoming a part of the franchise. The original Reddit thread can be seen here, where in the comments you can see how quickly it escalated to "get Shirly into the game!"

For those that want to add their name to the petition, you can find it right here! The petition's creator also said that Shirley herself is "onboard" and is excited to see where this leads. According to the petition's official description, "Sadly, the next Elder Scrolls game won't be released until Shirley is 88 years old, which means that unfortunately, she may not get to play it. As Bethesda has demonstrated with another fan named Erik West, they are willing to include dedicated fans of their series into their games."

Her videos are truly magical. With her calming voice and ease with which she challenges the landscapes of Tamriel, Grandma Shirley's videos are almost hypnotic and a pure joy to watch from start to finish. Take a look at her latest Skyrim video to see just how soothing her videos are. For battling dragons and bandits, she sure makes it a relaxing experience for everyone:

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