Skyrim Mods Make Fun of Game of Thrones' Starbucks Slip-Up

Skyrim players and content creators are creating mods that add a Starbucks coffee cup to the game to poke fun at the slip-up in a recent episode of Game of Thrones. A coffee cup was left on one of the tables in the HBO show and was quickly noticed due to how much it stood out among the fancy goblets and tankards. Quick as they ever are, modders have commemorated the goof by adding these Starbucks cups to Skyrim.

The mods began with a post on Reddit within the Skyrim Mods community that requested someone make a mod that puts a Starbucks cup in Dragonsreach, one of the first notable landmarks that players will find. Modders were quick to accommodate these requests with results like the “Mysterious Coffee Cup” mod that adds exactly what the name suggests.

“There was a request on Reddit to add the mysterious out of place coffee cup such as what happened recently on Game of Thrones,” the modder by the name of Sphered said. “This mod adds one to the Solitude Throne room as well as a table in the main Dragonsreach area.”

Another mod created by JohnRose81 added a more intricate coffee cup to the game. It’s called “Skyland Coffee” and adds a cup branded with the same fictional name and a sigil on it in place of the normal Starbucks logo.

Game of Thrones Skyrim Starbucks
(Photo: Nexus Mods)

“It's back by popular demand, Skyland Coffee offers all the caffeine needed to rescue a land from Thalmore, Dragons, Skooma Pushers, and Vampires,” the mod’s description said. “Replace those dreary tankards for a fresh, clean recyclable coffee cups from your favorite brewer, Skyland Coffee.”


Game of Thrones fans had a lot to say about the Starbucks cup’s appearance in a recent episode. HBO had comments about it as well and actually ended up removing the offending cup entirely so that it wouldn’t make an appearance. If you rewatch the episode and look for the spot where the coffee cup was before, you’ll no longer find it there.

Game of Thrones’ season finale is scheduled to air on May 19th, so we’ll have to see if there are any more mod-worthy moments there.